Why Hire an Attorney for your Auto Accident?

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Potential defendants are typically covered by insurance. As soon as an accident occurs, insurance companies are promptly informed, often engaging attorneys and expert witnesses to investigate the claim. It’s crucial to interview witnesses promptly and preserve evidence.

Delaying witness interviews can lead to difficulties in locating them or their recollections fading. Likewise, evidence like machinery parts or skid marks on the highway may vanish if not preserved swiftly. Insurance companies employ insurance adjusters who will reach out to you, often in a friendly manner.

However, it’s important not to fully rely on the statements made by insurance adjusters. They do not represent your interests and may occasionally provide misleading information to encourage a quick resolution to your case.

Additionally, insurance adjusters may record your conversations with them and use your statements against you in an effort to minimize costs for the insurance companies.

At 575 Law Group, we emphasize the importance of seeking legal counsel early. It’s never too soon to consult with an attorney, but it can be too late. Speaking with an attorney shortly after an accident will not harm your case. Conversely, attempting to handle a claim on your own or delaying the retention of competent legal counsel can result in irreparable harm, including recorded statements submitted to insurance companies and the failure to preserve critical evidence. 

There is no risk or cost associated with contacting an attorney and arranging an initial consultation with 575 Law Group, your Carlsbad, New Mexico-based personal injury law firm.


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